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netlaJanuary 8, 2003

I update the backgrounds for my cooking website on a seasonal basis, and I have been trying to use an external style sheet in order to do this more quickly, but I don't seem to be able to make it work - that is, it works fine on my computer, but when I've uploaded it to the server, it doesn't work. Any suggestion as to why? I'm using FrontPage 2000.

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Have you uploaded a current copy the stylesheet itself, and is the link to it possibly using a local path instead of a relative path?

To invoke a stylesheet called "mainstyle.css" sitting in the root folder of a website, the call to the stylesheet within the header should resemble the following (enclose in angle brackets):

link rel="stylesheet" href="mainstyle.css" type="text/css

If you are trying to invoke the stylesheet form a subdirectory, put a "../" in front of the name of the stylesheet for each directory down you go.

Ther are many, many, bad coding practices that look like they work within FrontPage (or are even done *by* FrontPage) that do not work (well) when placed on a properly functioning webserver.

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I'll check this out - I used the "link styles" command to put in the link to the style sheet and FP may have messed something up (or I might have).

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