Best Yeast infection cure..non prescription

Vickey__MNApril 10, 2006

Any suggestions?


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Are you 100% sure that you have a yeast infection? If your doctor has told you that you have one, he/she should recommend something. There are non-presciption medications that work. However, there are other things that sort of act like yeast infections but aren't. You need to be very, very sure what you have. The longer you wait, the worse it might get.

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Yogurt fruit or sugar, just active yogurt cultures.....dilute with warm water.
Linda C

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I once had some but not all symptoms of a possible yeast infection. I decided I'd try an over the counter treatment before seeing my doctor. I found two products at Walmart, Monistat and Canesten. I bought the Canesten and by the end of the treatment my symptoms were gone. So I believe the over the counter products can be tried first with the knowledge that further symptoms would warrant a doctor visit.

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A friend of mine told me this one, and she swears by it. You take alka seltzer and dissolve in water and wash with it after going to the bathroom. She said she found that remedy on the internet.

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Once it is gone (OTC like Monistat work fine), the trick to keeping it gone is cotton underwear and washing with glycerine soap like Neutrogena. A big cause of yeast infections is using regular bar soap; the perfumes and additives cause the infections in many women. In the last few years since switching to Neutrogena bar soap I haven't had one, and I was extremely susceptable to them.

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Also avoid antibacterial soap- kills the bacteria on the skin that prevents yeast overgrowth (you always have some yeast on the skin). Antibiotics also make women more susceptible to yeast infections for the same reason. I've heard yeast infections are very uncomfortable, never had one myself, so you have my sympathy.

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Just an Update if anyone reads this. YEASTGARD a homeopathic product at Wal-mart worked wonders, that combined with a squirtbottle of vinegar water to use after "bathroom issues". Finally no itching!!! This after Monistat-3 and a prescription from Dr for a pill that didn't work. Let's just hope it now stays away (It's been 2 weeks so far!)


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If you have this and problems with athlete's foot -- then also possible itchy eyes and "mucky mouth" (my description) you might want to try daily garlic and stay on it. I get mine at Sam's.

Mine is finally seeming to get under control and I think the garlic was the turning point. I think the variety of situations may be indicating something throughout the system.

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Okay, this works like a charm. Get some cheesecloth, cotton string and garlic. Peel about three or four large cloves of garlic, put it in the cheesecloth, and tie it tight with the string. Insert as if it were a tampon.

You will taste garlic; imagine yummy stuff at an Italian restaurant.

Leave it in there for up to 24 hours. Repeat as needed, which it probably won't be.

This works for me when all the prescription and OTC stuff fails. Plus, it's a whole lot cheaper.

Good luck to you!

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I stopped washing my panties in bleach. My GYN told me I was 'too clean'. Go figure!

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I have also used fresh garlic, which has anti-fungal properties. I peeled a large clove of garlic, and used a needle and thread to insert a string through the middle of the clove. Be careful not to bruise the clove as it can be irritating to the vaginal lining. Then I inserted the garlic clove like a tampon with the string hanging out.

This worked like a charm for me, better than conventional treatments. Ellen76's method might work even better, since it uses several cloves instead of one.

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Pau D Arco is a herb that is used for fungal infections including yeast infections. A good tea but you can also get capsules.

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I mention this because no one said it yet... If anyone is getting yeast infections often, there is a good chance your body's pH is off (usually way too acidic). You can get pH paper on amazon to check (you can get a roll for about 6 bucks), I think some homeopathic stores also sell the paper. Get a roll that is in the range of 3 to 8 and spit on a piece of the paper at a time when you haven't eaten in 2 hours (otherwise you'll be getting a false reading). It should be around 7 on a person with a good normal pH. If its crazy low, like 3 to 5, that is way too acidic. You're as tart as coca cola! To fix this, you will need to go on an alkalizing diet. It will take a long time, but it will fix the problem permanently when you get your pH back up (even just up to 6 will fix your troubles). You can search on google for alkalizing diet to get the specifics, but basically you eat very little to no meat, and cut out all sugar, and no alcohol, tea or coffee. Milk and eggs are fine to eat. After about a year of that diet you will be able to reintroduce some of the bad foods if you want because you will have gotten the Ph up a bit by then and you'll be okay. If you can't stand to not have meat, give up the sugar. If you can't stand to give up the sugar, give up the meat. Try to be reasonable - both of those (meat and sugar) are very acidifying, so unfortunately, if your pH is way too acidic, one of those groups will have to go for awhile if you want to be rid of this thing, so if you can't stand to give up either, just limit yourself and eat as little of them as you can.

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I tried the yogurt remedy but I kept getting strawberries stuck up there.


I have been on anti-biotics several times recently so this topic intrigued me because we all (ladies) know what happens when we take antibiotics.

Now my question is: if taking ANTI-biotics causes yeast infections, would PRO-biotics while on them balance out the problem? Kind of algebraic, think back to freshman year!

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Dab a small stiff tampon in yogurt and really quickly insert it cause it goes soft and becomes hard to push in. I got this idea when my (female) Dr suggested inserting a yogurt pill. However it didn't dissolve and hence it didn't work. She suggested that the pills must have been old.

There seems to be at least 2 types of yeast infections, the itchy one and the cottage-cheese kind. I have used this solution for the itchy kind and it worked perfectly.

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Ditch the sugar and sugar forming foods. Here is a pretty informative site.

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You won't get rid of ANY fungus overgrowth until you address the DIET issue: SUGAR. Sugar feeds it until there is a full blown monster. Then add some meds to clear it up like antibiotics and you are now, really ill with it.

NO SUGAR. NO WHITE that turns to SUGAR to feed the beast.

Eat organic. Fermented. Clean NO SWEETENED yogurt! Green granny smith apples. Berries. NO sugary anything.

Maybe some Nystatin or Diflucan for a helper. NO ALCOHOL.

Get information from doug kaufmann on know the cause and see what he has found out about yeast/fungus and cancer growths. You would be wise to do this.

Supplement! Iodoral, magnesium, Vit D3, Vit C.

Take garlic, Pau d'Arco, oil of oregano to get it controlled.

Do it soon, please. Before they find a "growth" and it is fungus that they treat like cancer because it makes THEM MORE MONEY. just my opinion. based on my true life. :)

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I personally have suffered from chronic yeast infections since I was a early teen. I have tried everything if the book. Two years ago I started using Essentials oils. I use a couple drops of Lavender oil with equal parts of Melaleuca oil topically if I even feel a hint of irritation coming on. Essential oils have been the only thing that has helped me with this problem. I haven't had to purchase any over the counter medicine since I have first started using them. I also love the fact that I always have it available when I need it. Amazing stuff.

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