Always get irregular heartbeats after leaning over

catherinetApril 21, 2007

Hi all,

Over the past 10 years, I've had spells of ectopy (irregular heartbeats). Sometimes its because my magnesium is low, or my GERD is acting up. But for a couple years, whenever I work on something that requires my leaning over......I end up having ectopy for a couple weeks! Its such a pain. There's so many things that need done at ground level! It almost seems like maybe I have a sliding hiatal hernia, and when it slides up from the pressure of leaning over, it pushes on my heart, and my heart pushes back!? Anyone else have anything like this. Its such a pain. There's so much to do that requires leaning over! Doctors all seem to say that hiatal hernias don't cause any problems......but I think I might have to disagree.

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Just answering my own post so it will fade away........

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I get this. I have mitral valve prolapse a relatively harmless condition (sometimes called a floppy valve). My symptoms started after giving birth the first time. Symptoms are often brought on by a siginificant life event (birth, illness, stress) and once you get them you might get them forever. It's also been about 10 yrs. for me. I certainly do get positional ectopics, and yes leaning or bending over is a big one. That is why I avoid certain exercises when I'm working out. It's funny because EVERY time I am polishing the appliances I get them. I think it's just in the way I have to bend down to get the bottom corners. I kind of actually chuckle to myself because I just know when it's time to clean I'm going to get ectopics.

Millions of people have irregular heartbeats that are benign. Since you've had these for so many years it's likely just one of those things to live with that is annoying but not harmful.

Gerd can definitely make them happen too. If I eat an extra spicy meal I can get many ectopics (but sometimes I don't care because a spicy meal is so good once and awhile). Take care.

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Hi Tracie,
Thanks for replying! Its comforting to know that others have the same problem. I don't have MVP, but it seems like I should! I have been working out in the yard and garden alot lately, and its hard to avoid leaning over there........but I sure would like to. I know in my head that the ectopics are harmless, but my body/brain seems to perceive them as something I should freak out about!
That extra large beat that happens right after the premature one sure whacks me in the chest, and makes me cough.
I've given up my one little coke a day, and I think its helping.........but that one little coke would get me through the day, so I miss it.

I went through a spell back when I was about 44 years old, where as soon as I would start to eat dinner, my heart would go crazy. It would settle down about 4-5 hours later. Then it got so that I would get ectopy just looking at the food! How bizarre!
I'm thinking my hormones are causing some of this.
That's funny about your appliances. That's why I really try to avoid that kind of cleaning. hahahaha
Thanks Tracie!

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I know what you mean about knowing they are harmless but still worrying, after all, it's our HEARTS. I freaked out a lot in the first few years. Probably went to the E/R 3 or 4 times to be turned away and told to stop being neurotic. But like I said, when it's your heart, I think you have a right to freak out a little.

Yes, the big THUD after the ectopic can literally take your breath away. If I'm active and get them, they feel more like a flutter. But if I'm at rest and they start, I think because my heart is beating slower as I'm not being active, they feel more thump-y and I get the big thuds. A few times I got a tingly sensation after an especially large thump. I thought that was the end of me.

Hormones definitely play a part too. Sometimes before or after my cycle they'll act up.

The thing is with these ectopics they are mostly unpredictable - they come any time, any place, any situation. There are times we can expect them (bending over for example like we discussed) but other times they are so out of the blue it's frustrating.

I think my worst experience is getting them while I am driving. I REALLY hate that.

Take care.

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I have been getting irregular beats for about three years. The doctor says he cannot find it, so assumes it is not happening. I had a bad cold couple of years back and now I can hear the irregular beats in my head. I chew gum so I cannot detect them as well. It is worse in the morning just before I get up. Does anyone else have something like this and what can I do to get the doctors to listen to me.

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