Pain Free at Last!!! Hooray!

imn2craftsApril 30, 2008

Whoever found out about Dial soap and it helping with pain in your legs, I want to give you a great big kiss. I was so miserable on Monday afternoon. I put on heat and them cold for about 3 hours. Nothing helped and went to bed feeling like it was going to be a long night again. Well I did as a last resort put the bar of Dial soap in my pillowcase and I felt 99% better at work Tue. So I went to sleep with this in my pillowcase last night and I do not have any pain. None, nada ,nothing. I can finally get a good nights sleep...zzzzzz"s

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I've never heard of this. Can you tell me more?

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Well I was not so sure I believed this would work. I was in pain for over 2 weeks. The dr. said he did not know what to do . Someone on this forum said something about putting a bar of soap in your pillowcase next to your leg ( I put mine in a pillow sham, won't slip out that way.) I am here to tell all that I am a believer. I was just told I have diabetes,last week. So I was worried about having permanet damage to my legs. I have told everyone at work about it yesterday, so we will see. I work in a child center and am on my feet all day, but everyone could not believe the pain I was in Monday and then the difference it made in me in two days...I can go play baseball with my grandboys now!!!!

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I've heard of this before, and I'm glad it worked for you.

PS to Linda...If you don't have something nice to say....well, you know!

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A search on google reveals many people swear by this trick!

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People laugh at dryer sheets for ants and I did to until I tried them. Worked like a charm. I am going to hang them on my deck when mosquito time comes. While I was on a cruise a lady walking in front of me had something white hanging from the bottom of her slacks. I thought it was T paper, when I told her, she laughed and said it keeps the mosquitoes away. We were cruising in the tropics.

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