Ipad users plz share if you can :)

homebodymomJune 13, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to purchase a case/cover/keyboard for an Ipad2 I bought for my daughter for college. It seems like there are several brands to pick from and soo many mixed reviews.

Has anyone found one they like? She is going to be a college freshman in the fall and was wanting to use it mainly for taking notes in class.

Thanks for anything you can share


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If she is going to use it for taking notes, I would suggest one of the covers that includes a blue tooth keyboard.

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Zagg which has a keyboard. Both DH and I have one. We don't know how we lived without Zagg!

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I posted this a couple of months ago. I did wind up with the foldable iPad cover. I like having a slimmer case for portability and for at home. I took the iPad to a conference, and it was great. I could just put it in my purse.

However, you may want to consider the keyboard. Keep in mind the iPad does not totally replace a PC or laptop. I can access Blackboard course software but I cannot upload or grade using the app.

Here is a link that might be useful: iPad covers

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I really like the smart cover from Apple. When I take my iPad with me, I often slip it (covered by the smart cover) into an unzipped or partially zipped gallon size Ziplock Baggie and then carry it around in my gym bag or a small shopping bag. I usually carry a water bottle with me, so the Baggie protects the iPad from condensation or leaks.

I have the Apple wireless keyboard, but haven't taken it out of the box yet! If/when I need to type lengthier things, documents and the like, I am sure it will make typing even easier. In the meantime, I find the touch screen keyboard to be more than sufficient.

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I have two-- a padded, portfolio one that I've used for meetings/conferences and the everyday thin one I use at home and when traveling. I have a north-south coach purse that the ipad slips into perfectly-- and securely with the thin case so it's definitely my preference.

I don't know how she's using it now-- but I've rarely used my ipad to take meeting notes. It just wasn't convenient. I did not have a case with a built in keyboard. Perhaps that would have made the difference! I strongly recommend checking them out based on Jmc's experience!

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Another Zagg user here. My son picked it out to go with my iPad 2 that DH and our two sons bought be for my Christmas gift. I love it. It offers great protection, the bluetooth keyboard is great for typing, the iPad is super when it is standing in the case, and of course can easily slide out to be used alone.

Zagg case

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Thanks everyone. It seems like everyone who has the Zagg likes it ! In addition to the Ipad2, we did purchase her a MacBook Pro computer. The Ipad, with the case and attached keyboard I am looking for will be for class note taking, and traveling only. It will not be in place of a regular computer.

You have been so helpful, as usual !!!

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I have a case that sits up easel type and holds the ipad - and it also has a keyboard. I've used the ipad for notes quite often (in meetings) and it works great. I cannot imagine NOT having a keyboard though.


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Tina- do you mind me asking which brand you have? Is your the Zagg as well? That is what I am looking for.


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I don't mind at all, but my mind has gone blank. I'm not home and don't have the ipad with me. My cover is not a Zagg, but for the life of me, I can't remember what brand it is.

I just looked at Les's link and my cover/keyboard looks like that, just another brand. I'll try to remember and look to see what brand it is.


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Another Zagg owner here. I have the original iPad and got the Zaggmate shortly thereafter. I wanted something to protect it but also wanted a keyboard, so this fit the bill perfectly. I mainly use my iPad for checking email and surfing the internet, but when I'm typing anything that is more than a few lines, I'll use the keyboard. It's much easier than typing on the touch screen. I would think for taking notes, having a keyboard would be preferable. The case is also very sturdy and is supposed to protect the iPad if dropped.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zagg Zaggmate

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Thanks again everyone - going for the Zagg !

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Homebodymom, I was discussing this with my son who is in college, and he said that your daughter may not always be able to use the iPad to take notes in class. Every professor has their own technology policy, and some do not allow laptops for note taking, some do. Just an FYI to pass along to her, so that she won't be caught by surprise if she cannot always make use of the iPad as she planned.

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Thanks Les. If you dont mind my asking, has your son downloaded any textbooks instead of purchasing the "physical" book?

thanks again!

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