someone2010April 30, 2010

I ordered a Quarter pounder meal at McDonald's today and when I started eating it I found a ball of long grey hair in the patty. I took it to the counter and they offered to give me another sandwich. I declined and asked for my money back. They refused and told me they don't give refunds. I went home and called their 800 number. The person at that number said he was sorry and was sending me a coupon for two free desserts. I don't want their desserts.

All I wanted was a refund because my burger was full of hairs. Am I wrong?

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No you are not wrong. You make me glad I never eat at McDonalds. I would call their 800 number again and demand a refund. Tell them if you don't you will call the newspaper or your local TV station and the board of health and tell them what happened. The squeeky wheel gers the grease

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Outrageous. You are not wrong.

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oh gross, glad I don't eat at McDonalds.....although in truth, it could happen anywhere.....btw, you are NOT wrong.

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Thanks. I think I'll let the desserts pass also. I don't think this could happen anywhere. This was a ball of long hair that was obvious when it wasn't covered by the bun. Someone had to put that patty on the bun. There were long grey hairs all through it. I'm not eating anything there again.

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I had a similar experience with "checkers". DH found a long worm in his burger. They offered to replace the burger, NO THANKS!!!!! we just wanted to let them know so they could get rid of those burgers. We have never ate there again. Sorry about you problem, its such a disgrace, they should have doubled your money back a the least!

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I think I'm gonna be sick.

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I hope the owners of McDonald's go to an exclusive restaurant and find a big hair ball in their foie gras. When they complain the waiter says he will give them another portion of foie gras if they want it, but they will have to pay for the dinner. I hope they are made to pay and when they call to complain to the owner he sends them a coupon for a free doughnut. I hope the doughnut has a big hairball in it.

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