Foot and Leg pain---Help!

imn2craftsApril 21, 2008

I have had this pain that I thought was/is plantar f------tish (sp?) Now I have this burning just under my knee's and down my legs. I still have the foot pain also. I cannot walk in the morning without it feeling like the bottom of my feet are swollen. My job reqires me to be on my feet all day so the pain is with me all day. Should I try to go to a podiatrist or my GP and or does anyone have any suggestions...Thanks Deb

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It sounds as if you have a problem with the nerves leading from your spine down into your legs. Inform your GP and follow his advice. He will probably send you to a neuologist for some testing.

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agnespuffin--- Thanks for responding to my problem an I will make an appointment. I had a even worse night last night trying to fall asleep. It did not help that we had terrible thunderstorms and hail to keep me awake...Thanks again

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Well I went to the dr and it is good that I did. They say I have diabetes. I had a hard time hearing that at work. Yes they called and told me over the phone. I cried for the last hour or so of work. Now I need the stiff uper lip and get to work on the do's and dont's.

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It's wonderful that you have found a reason for your pain so quickly. Too often with diabeties, it's not found early because the person just endures the pain, hoping that it will get better. It doesn't and damage to the circulation is done.

Hope things will be looking better for you soon!

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My story is similar to yours. I found out I had diabetes in the same way - but it wasn't the diabetes that was causing the leg & foot pain - at least not according to my neurologist and endocrinologist. From what I understand, diabetic neuropathy doesn't show up for years after you have diabetes and usually only if you have been poor about managing it. What is your HA1C?

I had plantar fasciitis. I had the surgery. For 2 years my foot was worse but it gradually got better. It is still a little weak because I lost some feeling in my foot and I don't get the normal feedback. I also have sciatica which is what has been causing all the pain in my butt and calf.

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devorah---I do not know what HA1C is. New to me .I put in a call to the dr today, so waiting to hear from him. I was up half the night with the pain. Thanks for replying...DEb

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Keep in mind that it may be more than just diabetes. You could also have some spinal problems that increase the amount of pain. Ask your doctor if he thinks it would be worth while to get some xrays taken.

A vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause pain in the feet and legs.

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