If you have or going to have 'replacement parts', check this out~

phoggieApril 3, 2009

I found this site before my total hip replacement and now that I am going to have two knees replaced, I have been re-visiting a site that is WONDERFUL...lots of knowledge and caring writers. The site is: www.bonesmart.org

I hope it helps you find some answers and compassion from those of us who "have been there and done that".

Replacement is not for "wimps".....but "usually" there

are good out-comes.

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My knees bother me too! But not bad enough for surgery! I wish you luck. I looked at the site, and looks as though it could be very helpful and supportive.

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I don't think replacement is a game that if we are facing bit problem in knees then directly going for replacement will solve our purpose.it can have disadvantages too..

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