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lulie___wayneAugust 16, 2004

I just wrote a long post at the Kitchen Table Forum regarding the donation of my daughter's organs. It is a sacred event for me, but I was asked to post my story of meeting one of the recipients. It was such a touching event, since I had never met this woman before then, yet I was drawn to her like a magnet and had great love for her.

I just posted it August 16.


Here is a link that might be useful: Christin Cosby Memorial Web Site

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What a beautiful and touching story. I have chills! What a brave thing for a family to do! To donate organs is so selfless and giving and wonderful! It must've been quite surreal to meet the woman who was given a part of Christin. I looked at her site again and I can't tell you enough how beautiful she was!
Thanks for posting your story. That alone must have been hard!
You're an amazing person!

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To my knowledge, Dad had never talked about organ donation and frankly none of us had given it the slightest thought. We were all sitting around Mom's house after he died, when the phone rang. It was a gentleman asking if we would be willing to donate any of Dad's organs. I answered the phone, so now I had to ask the question to my grieving mother. It was painful for all of us and at the time, I don't think we were in the best frame of mind to make the decision. Mom said she thought that Dad had told her once that he didn't believe in it and wouldn't want his organs donated, but he had never documented it one way or another. That was all we had to go on, so I had to tell the man on the phone that I was sorry but we did not believe it would be in Dad's wishes to have it done.

Personally I would not have had a problem with it, but if Mom was uncomfortable with it, I certainly would abide by her wishes. However, I made a decision right then & there for myself. When I next renewed my driver's license, I indicated that I wanted to be an organ donor.

There are so many details that need to be addressed before and immediately after the death of a loved one. They are all difficult and painful to contemplate. Organ donation is an important one to add to the list. Most people probably don't give it much thought or perhaps resist thinking about it. It became very important for me to make sure that my family would know my wishes when it was my time.

I've heard so many beautiful stories of those whose lives have been improved and saved because of a donated organ. Thanks Lu for sharing yours. It serves to reinforce my belief that I did the right thing. I encourage all, who haven't made the decision, to talk it over with your family and make your wishes known. If your beliefs won't allow you to do it, I respect that. However if you aren't opposed to it and your organs go to waste because your wishes were not made clear, then your death is a double tragedy.

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Lu, have you read the book A Change of Heart? It was written by a woman who received the heart and lungs of a teenage boy, and noticed definite changes in herself as a result. It's apparently a common phenomenon with some transplant patients. Some call it "cellular memory," and there are various explanations. It was a fascinating book, and you might find it comforting.


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Your daughter is so beautiful - she looks like an angel. Your website is very beautiful, too - I'm sure she would be touched.


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Thank you all. It certainly is a comforting thought to know that parts of her are still alive in this world and helping others. She always wanted to help others in any way possible. This is the ultimate gift as far as I am concerned.

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