Beginner with Mac - couple of questions

Terry_Z8January 4, 2002

First of all, Wow - I'm glad I found this forum.

I'm attempting to publish a simple multiple page picture catalog of a product. I have a program called Image AXS Pro that displays thumbnails on my computer. Clicking on thumbnail gets the large photo. The program said it could make web pages, so I tried it. Seems to work, but I need to add a few buttons so that a person would not have to flip through all the pages if they new what they wanted. Like going to a page where a certain type of product starts. How is that done? There is an option to add HTML to headers and footers. Also, when I attempted to change thee default template, the navigation arrows at the bottom of the page disappeared.

Whats up with that?



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you can put links to certain pages with the A HREF html coding. Using dhtml you can use bottons in the href command. go to this page, scroll down a little for what the a href tag looks like.

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