Go 'Green' Party

wileywagonApril 15, 2008

When: April 15, 2008

Where: Online (from the comfort of your own home).

Time: 3:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Hostess: Hayley

We're having a 'go green party'! Learn more about going green from the comfort of your own home! Learn about toxins and safe, effective, eco friendly products. Have them shipped directly to your door, saving you gas and wear~n~tear on your vehicle, not to mention your time. You can learn more in just 30 minutes! Reserve your online attendance today. Reservations are limited due to conference call limitations.

To reserve your attendance, email Hayley at wileywagon@roadrunner.com. Upon receiving your email, we will send you the conference number.

Go Green!

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If someone has to deliver something to your house, doesn't that take as much gas as your own car would take? Delivery trucks seldom get good mileage.

In fact, since most drivers let the motor run while they run up to the front door and wait, having something delivered probably uses much more gas and puts a lot more carbon dioxide into the air.

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Your right about that...I'm just trying to do things that are safer and easier for my family...sorry if you were offended by anything I shared...thank you for your insight.


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