Anyone have experience with vinyl plank flooring

Skyedog20July 3, 2012

I am looking for anyone who has experience with these floors. Wicanders vinyl comfort plank/vinacork/petfriendly floors.They all seem to be the same thing. I just am having troubles finding out much about them. Homeowner experience, comments, etc. Anything.

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I am looking for info 0n the new vinyl clic plank flooring that is very new and is thicker than the vinyl planks with a glue strip. Has anyone used any? Which brands work best? We were told to go with thicker planks.Are concerned that since there is no under pad it will be so thin it will show all problems with subfloor even if we level well. It is for a condo rental renovation and were considering it because wood laminate is not a good idea in a rental kitchen.The sales people know almost nothing.

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I replaced the flooring im my kitchen/family room using vinyl. It was a DIY project. The first vinyl flooring was the click together type. I couldn't get it to click together like the instructions and videos showed. I took it back to the store and several employees, who all said they had taken a class on the product, couldn't do it either. I got a refund and then bought the vinyl plank that has the adhesive strip. It was easy to install. The floor is going on a year old and still looks like new. Hope that helps. - hald

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I have put down the kind with the adhesive strip several times. Super easy to install and never had any problems.

I am doing a bathroom now, and plan on using the new thicker kind that clicks together. We will see how it goes :)

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I am sorry to say we are taking our Allure Ultra (Clic) back too. We spend almost 2 hours trying to put it down in the bathroom.

It is a shame. It is beautiful, and seems like a very durable flooring. I am extremely disappointed. I am going to take it back this week and get some of the old style. I'll probably be able to put the down in about an hour.

Home Depot is going to be in trouble with this, and I have seen the stores are resetting and pushing the new floor.

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Interesting... we stopped in HD for something else, and I wandered back to the floor dept. They now have the Ivory Travertine in the Glue Strip - Uggh I wish they had that a month ago.

I talked to one of the guys and he said they don't sell much of the Allure Ultra Clic.

Seeing that they are bring in more colors of the Glue Strip I think they realize they have a problem.

I think a perfect floor would be in you could insert the end then pop the long side in from the top. I can dream...

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We took the Allure Ultra Clic back to HD and got the Ivory Travertine in the Glue Strip version.

Wow got the bathroom done in about 1-1/2 hours. I love it.

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