eandhlAugust 24, 2005

I am really concerned, is anyone corresponding privately with Nora (Elenorn)?

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I have been wondering the same thing. Anyone?

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I have also been wondering about that. I have been thinking about her and checking back in here to see if she had posted.

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I am also concerned. I have e-mailed her, but she has not responded. I am hoping that someone who knows her has gotten her help to get through this somehow.

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I did have an email from her some time ago, but not since this last thread which ended with no further communication from her.

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Hello Everyone....Bless you for your concern. Just haven't been on the puter in trying to get caught up on things around the house and yard and also spend alot of time with my Dad. He is doing just o.k. Has been having alot of trouble with his blood pressure...had him to ER 2 times...finally feeling better. Yesterday was a bad day for him....he misses Mom so much...he will tell me that he knows she was ready to go home to be with the Lord...they would have been married 68 years on the 21st. He has gone down and stayed a few days with my sister...while he was gone I would go down to do laundry and it was so hard to look into their little apartment....both not being there. I miss Mom so much and at times the pain just comes over me...I know all the blessings of having Mom with me and being able to take care of her and in my heart and mind I know she is at rest....but all my life I knew that my beautiful Mom was loving me....even during the 9 years of me taking care of her. Again bless you all for your concern. I will try to get on more often. I pray that all is well for you. Nora

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NORA! Thanks for checking it!

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I believe there are two different Noras. Has anyone heard from the Nora whose email is and posted under the title "My beloved husband died unexpectedly." She sounded extremely depressed and many people urged her to seek help immediately, but we've heard no further from her.

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There are two different Nora's. We still haven't heard from the one I think we are wondering about, screenname is Eleonora.

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