What is ''dark chocolate'

albert_135April 26, 2007

When articles or TV shows talk of "dark chocolate" in a health and nutrition context are they talking about something labeled as such at the supermarket?

If I go to the store do I have to read the fine print or are all the things labeled "dark chocolate" really just that?

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Uh,I'm not sure. I think they mean any kind of dark chocolate ,however certain ones are more "pure" than others. Something like,the higher the percentage of real cocoa beans,the better it is for you.How you find this out,I have no clue.

I love dark chocolate though......

Are you asking just to start eating some? Or because you need to add some to a receipe?

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I think I recently heard somewhere that the healthy stuff was the 70% cocoa stuff...you can find 60% a lot of places...both are kind of bitter, still good though.

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yep, 70% is what I heard...here's an article about it. If it doesn't mention the cocoa amount on it, my guess is it's probably lower. I've been buying more expensive type bars at 70% and they are a little more bitter than the usual dark chocolate. I know some people eat the straight totally unsweetened stuff...not sure I could handle that!

Here is a link that might be useful: Heart Health

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If you have a Trader Joe's near by they have really good dark chocolate for little money. They even offer organic.

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Dark chocolate is labeled "dark chocolate"...even Hershey's kisses come in dark...
The milk in milk chocolate inhibits some of the flavinoids in milk chocolate...60% chocolate liquer is usially the percentage in semi-sweet chocolate, 70% is typical for bitter sweet, usually made palatable by adding milk and sugar.
Also Dutch processing (addition of alkali) inhibits the flavonoids in chocolate.
Chocolate, all of it contains flavonoids...but the milk chocolate bars and those containing "chocolate flavoring" contain enough sugar, hydrogenated coconut oil and "stuff" to negate the good about the chocolate.
I love a Dove, dark 62% chocolate bar.....I hope it's good for me because I am eating it any how!
Linda C

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Thanks, just curious.

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I was curious about this for weeks. Yesterday I remembered to ask here. Today, washingtonpost.com said 70%. VBG etc.

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I never used to like dark chocolate, but since I've heard of its health benefits, I try to eat it instead of milk chocolate. One very interesting thing.........milk chocolate gives me headaches, but dark chocolate doesn't. Same was true with a friend of mine who also had migraines. Interesting.

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