Spot compression??

petra_gwApril 7, 2006

I finally had my first mammogram a week ago, and since I hadn't heard anything from the doc's office, I called them. The nurse checked the report and told me I have to go back for something called a "spot compression"!! She said since this was my first mammo and they don't have a baseline, they just want to make sure a specific area is nothing to be concerned about. Has anyone here had that happen before?? I am sort of upset and scared about this, I called fully expecting to get a clean bill of health since I hadn't heard anything, and now I have to go back. Arghhhhh...

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Petra, it happens all the time. There are many reasons why a spot shows up that they want to recheck. Of course it could be something to be concerned about, but more often it is just a shadow or a denser area of tissue or a less than perfect film. Try to relax and be glad you called them to find out your results. I am sure they would have called you soon. It is not unusual to wait for a couple weeks for these test results to become available.

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Hi Gazania, thanks for your reply. I called the mammo place and the tech told me they are just being cautious, and not to lose any sleep over it, so that made me feel a little better. I know I am going to worry until I find out, but at least I won't be a basket case. :o)

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