UTIs in a 80 year old man, info needed please!

oddieApril 4, 2007

My sister has taken on the medical care for my 80 year old dad, 3 years ago he was treated for prospate cancer, was given seed inplants, doc said he was cured, dad still complanted of burning when he goes to the bathroom, peroids where he can go and periods of not being able to hold his urine, he was given different medicine and nothing seemed to help, or the side effects would be real hard for him as he seems to get what ever bad side effect there is to medicine, he wouldhave periods where he start getting weak, couldnt stand without falling and would cry with pain like bladder spasam, this past oct dad was haveing a bad time was in pain and said he could not pass urine, was taken to the E.R, ended up with a tube put into his bladder, and had to have deposits of somekind removed from around his prospate, dad seemed to get better then it all starts agine, and sure enough another UTI, seems they did a test and its resistant to most antibiotics, changed it, was given cipro and dad seemed to be better agine, in feb, it all started agine,he was given antibiotics by I.V, two weeks latter we are back to the E.R they tried to put in a cath and said his urine was like gel, they O.D him on pain medicine and he ended up in ICU and now also has VRE

he was released to a rehab center because he can not walk on his own is very weak, cant eat says it makes him feel sick and he cant do it,he has lost 30 lbs since oct and has passed two stones that we were told was bladder stone, he still complains of burning when he goes to the bath room, pain in his adominal area that he says is very bad but comes and goes, I call them baldder spasams, we had a meeting at the rehab center and asked whats being done, they are suppose to be doing a cultre for the VRE. and are giveing him protine packs and health shakes, medicine to help with the feeling sick, but doesnt seem to help, he has become confused ( was somewhat before, but now its more nositable )I feel like I am watching my dad slowly die, I know UTI are very bad left un treated and have tried reading up on all his trouble but I dont understand it all and feel unsure of what we should be doing to help him, his doctor changed to one at the rehab center and so far its been inpossible to get to talk to him

I feel also that over the past years hes has never got the uti totaly cleared up. sorry this is so long, any help would be a blessing!

Thank you


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I don't really know if I can help you because I feel really clueless about a lot of medical stuff but friend of mine also has VRE. Do you know much about that? Have they told you how contagious it is - do you have to wear gloves, etc when you see him?

From the small amount of research I have done, I am big time guessing that maybe your dad's UTIs are caused from the VRE. I'm not sure which causes which. Have you considered or read anything about that? Maybe that's something you can look into.

I hope he starts to feel better soon and that somebody else has some answers for you.

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carla35, thanks for posting ,yes I do know vre is very contagious and we do wear gloves if we are doing any type of care, and always wash our hands good!
I have to wonder when dad got VRE, he has been sick for so long and has been in the hospital 3 times since the end of Oct, the last two was only maybe three weeks apart and he had only felt better a short time of that period.
I read that it can be spread easy in ICU, because of people weaken conditions, cathers, eather way, I just want them to get this cleared up so he can get better, I am scared that all of this has gone on to long, and what other damage has it done to him, and can he get better, we do not have the best of medical care in our area, and you feel like you have to wonder if the right things are being done.
Thanks agine for posting !

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VRE. Yes he probably contracted this in a hospital setting. VRE is contagious. However, being young and healthy you probably should have little problems from it. But bad to have for an elderly person. It is a bacteria that is resistant to Vancomycin, which is a very strong antibiotic that has probably been overused in years to treat MRSA which is a strain of bacteria that resists Methicillin or most all penicillins. These UTI's will clear up which is good, but they will come back periodically. Nursing home patients chronically get them some I would venture to guess live with one for the rest of their lives, just to varying degrees. These are however bedridden patients who may live with a catheter permanently due to incontinence. These uti's can cause a host of other symptoms and when severe (urosepsis) they can cause an alteration in mental status that can mimic TIA or stroke symptoms. Good luck. It is very difficult to care for elderly people at home. Wish you the best.

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