Finally Getting Ready For Kidney Transplant...

bulldinkieApril 28, 2011

Finally,Ive been doctoring since I was 18 yuears old.I was told I would die by the time I was 40.Im 56.I went to the hospital Last week and I go again this week.Im finally getting ready for transplant,to get my life back once again.Ive been on dialysis going on 5 years thats just dreadful,no other way to explain it.3xs a week,sit in recliner 4 hours cant get up for anything..

I dont have a donor,the drs stressed theyd rather have a live donor the kidney lasts 20-25 years,A cadaver is only 10-15 years ,My family cant give me one as this is a genetic thing.

Im too tired to even just walk.I gave up all the things I love to do too tired.Keep fingers crossed all goes well,I go this week to see surgeon.

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Best of luck, we will all be pulling for you!

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ty so much I need allthe help I can get right now

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