Update on naming baby after my Dad

StefCo_NJAugust 12, 2004

It's been a while since I've posted, but I check in often to see how you're all doing.

I saw that my post about naming my baby after my father has been moved up after quite some time. Thanks for all your replies!

I'm due to have my baby in about 9 weeks. This pregnancy seems so loooong (don't they all)? :)


Dad's name was Alan. I wanted to use an 'A' name, but my husband and I couldn't decide on one, so we're using Alan as the middle name. I've very happy with the decision, and I feel so much that my father and my baby are both very honored.

My baby's birthday will be such a wonderful day, but bittersweet all the same! I still go through crying spurts, and I still can't believe Dad won't be here to see his 5th grandchild.

Well, thank you all - and I keep you all in my thoughts!!

Take care,


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Hey, Stef. I'm glad that you made that decision. I know you'll be happy with it.

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Sounds good to me, Stef. I hope you know how to post pictures...if not, you have nine weeks to learn. :-)


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