derrywSeptember 1, 2005

Has anyone heard from Lulie Wayne?? Believe she is in the devastation zone form the hurricane.DW

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We are fine. Thank you all so much for your concern.
We've just gotten power back on in our home, but there are many, many still without power, water, ice, food, shelter, etc. Many are desperate and it's a scary situation.
I'll write more later.
Thanks again for caring.

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Lu, So good to hear that you all are doing o.k. As I watch the news I pray and think of all those that are going thur this horrible think can this be happening here in the United feel helpless on what to do....give money to the Red Cross....but that just doesn't seem like enough....when I go to the sink and turn on the water I think about all those that need a drink....when you eat you think of all those that need certainly makes you think that you can never ever complain about anything in your life....when you have so much and there is so many that have nothing. May God Bless you and I pray for all those that are hurting....Nora

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