Does anyone else have a prob with their doc

shaddy101April 22, 2014

not wanting to write a script when the patient gets the drugs from Canada?
Unless things have changed lately, there is no generic Celebrex here in the states, but I can get generic Celebrex in CAnada with a trusted online pharmacy, All I have to do is sent the written script to them, and they fill it, can get free shipping sometimes also.
Now, as I switched docs this one doesn't want to write the script for me, and I really need the Celebrex generic. Offered me several other similar drugs, but the side effects are just awful. I have none with generic Celebrex. Anyone have a clue how I can get this doc of mine to do the deed? It surely is no skin off his teeth, and I know busloads of seniors travel to Canada to buy cheaper drugs.
Anyone have a similar story, and what did you do?

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Went off patent so several companies will be making the generic. One thing to remember is that each company will use their own composition of fillers along with the main chemical. Depending on what is used you may find that one company's will work differently from another's.

Rather than test your doctor's ethics just ask for a script. No need to tell where you are having it filled. Unless the law has been changed it was against the law to ship medicine's across the border.

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When busloads of seniors travel to Canada to purchase drugs, and also to Mexico, I don't think it is against the law, or they couldn't make the trips. Just my thinking. Did you not hear about the busloads, I gave them credit for taking their own care into their own hands. Docs seem to rule the world for some reason.
I would like a script in my hand, at my docs they call it in for me, and that is that. Aggravating to say the least.

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Doctors get gifts [kick backs] from the drug companies and that is for selling the name brands. Follow the money

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I agree with you on that one Doug. Investigators came to our city investigating several doctors accused of doing that. It was in our local papers, but of course no results were published. I have heard several nurses say that they do send in very, very nice catered dinners for the doctors and his staff. That is not illegal. I had to change doctors because she was pushing drugs on me, then lied to me about the benefits of taking them. She did my Sis the same way but my sis never questions, just obeys like a good little girl.

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There have many laws that have passed both House and Senate but have not made it into law. As far as I am aware it is still illegal. Unlikely to land you in jail but be careful since the pharmacy could be anywhere.

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If you live in CA. they go across border into Mexico & pharmacy is near the border, go around the corner & they have a DR. that will write up prescription but not for narcotics & some other drugs. I told her not to go there but she said she had to have it, crossed the border & was back over here- within the hour. but it wasn't TJ it was towards AZ I think, very small town. If there are busloads they must be doing something similar , I tried to get a drug from Canada that my dr. had been giving me for yrs for migraines but Canadian pharmacy said illegal to take it across border by mail (or any other way).

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