Oil-finished flooring upkeep?

HeatherKB6July 29, 2012

We are currently building our "forever" house, and are having a hard time deciding on our wood floors. We are down to two options right now, the Bella Cera Amalfi Coast flooring and the Castle Combe flooring. We love the look of wide-planks and hand-distressed wood. I'm leaning towards the look of the Castle Combe because of the more sheen/less shine look, but am concerned how the upkeep is with oiled flooring with 4 small kids and a busy family. Any advice from those who do have these floors, or any other suggestions of places to look that have non-oil finished floors that would be less shiny? Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance!

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Upkeep on prefinished floors can be a lot or alittle. Depends on the little ones. My customers i recommend that they dust mop once a week until they get the feel of how often that needs to be done. Then i suggest they simply spot clean spills and then once aweek i suggest a damp mop with warm water. This all verys depending on the traffic in the home.

Keep in mind the darker the color the more dust and foot prints you see on the floor regardless of sheen. Meaning you can mop the floor when it looks dirty and litterally in hours it will "look" dirty again. Keep that in mind.

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The sheen level of almost any finish can be reduced.

It generally cannot be increased though.

The material added to dull the gloss cannot be removed, but a very fine scratch pattern can be applied to further dull the sheen.

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