Satellite wiring question

sweetwillieDecember 29, 2008

I am in the middle of a new build and my electrician who is running my satellite wiring as well is telling me that only 1 rg-6 cable is needed even when using a DVR. I currently have 2 in my current house. I believe he is wrong.

If he is correct it must be a new procedure.

I have Direct TV

Anybody heard of this ?

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Some of the newer models Directv DVR's will work with a single cable using what is called a SWM (Single Wire Multiswitch). Below is a link. Or you can do a Google search for Directv and SWM.

Here is a link that might be useful: Directv SWM

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As mentioned, they do have SWM to use only one wire. I think I would still like 2 (or even 3 cables) to most locations, just for future flexibility. I would also consider running conduit to the main entertainment area or other hard to reach areas to make future changes easy.

I think this should have been decided and specified long before they started pulling cable.

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I have Dishnet - just recently wired new home. For Sat Receiver (DVR) with both regular channels and HD, they used 2 cables - one from each dish.

They did use a SWM but very close to the DVR - probably 6 feet away from the wall outlet where the 2 cables are terminated - so I only have 1 cable running from the wall outlet to the DVR.

I suppose you could use the SWM at the house penetration and run a single cable over to the DVR but if you have the walls open - why not just run 2 cables and not worry about singal loss or any future service expansion issues?

Make sure they use quad shielded RG6 cable rated for SATV applications.

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have him run 3, no matter wha the says. this way if in the future you wish to add cable or OTA antenna you have the cables in place.

or run conduit to each location so you can easily add later.

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Yes, I have heard of a couple of people recently with the new DirecTV DVR systems that run off of 1 cable. I think the DVR box simply has 2 tuners in it.

It could be advantageous though to run more than 1 cable for the other reasons listed but 3 seems like overkill especially if you try to run 3 in every location. In many programming areas, the major network programming is very accessible with a HDTV off air antenna (20-100 bucks depending on make an quality) and the older high def DirecTV boxes actually had off air jacks built into them and ran the off air signal directly through the DTV box and programmed the channels into the DTV menu. I am told that since they want to sell network programming in most areas now, they discontinued that box b/c it made bringing in the networks to easy. I have a couple of the last DTV boxes that have off air antenna jacks (discontinued 1 year ago) and it is really convenient and the network signal, especially in high def, is absolutely amazing (and free!).

In the old days, you could combine cable and DirecTV signals using diplexers (not splitters) and get by with one cable for that then too. However, I am told that the new satillite DirecTV is using for high def runs on a similar frequency as cable and the diplexers will no longer work or won't soon.

I am sure you know to have telephone run to each location so you can do PPV w/o any trouble... FWIW. At any rate, I would call DirecTV and get their input and see if you can talk to one of their actual installers also. I wish i had. In my case, the wiring was fine but the installer who came and installed the equipment pointed out several things that could have been done better or instead.

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