58' 720 Plasma versus 50' 1080?

bstnjohnDecember 26, 2007

I've been looking at the Panasonic plasma TV's. Have put off the purchase because of falling prices but am ready to make the move now. Was all set to buy a 50 inch unit. The 720 was great but the new 1080 doesn't cost much more. Now they have a 58" in 720 at about the same price of a 50" in 1080. Should I go with a large screen or higher resolution? comments are appreciated.

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viewing distance is important, you did not indicate what that is. the 50' 1080 will always look best (sharpest) however if you sit far enough away the 58"720p will always have the most dramatic display. no one watching the 58" will care if its 1080p or not.

if you sit 12' or greater go with the 58" otherwise 50"
hd dvd and blu ray will work great with both.

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