AntiqueRCA Victrola Help Needed

criticalmass048December 21, 2012

Not sure if this belongs with "Antiques", "Home Ent" or "Electronics"... oy. Here goes!

We picked up an antique 1920ish RCA Victrola VV-240 a few weeks ago and fixed it up. When we tried to play a record, however, the needle would carve a groove, chisel out some vinyl, and slow down to a halt. I found out that these needles wear out after only one record, so I ordered new needles which just arrived today. I put one in, and while it doesn't ruin the record, it still comes to a halt in about 5 seconds. The wife plans to show this off for Xmas, so I need to get it working! Thanks.

Oh yeah, before you ask, she swears it worked fine in the antique store (I wasn't there, naturally!)

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Don't know if you got this resolved or not, but hope your Christmas was good anyway!

I have restored quite a few "antique" turntables over the years but maybe only 3 or 4 of the really old Victrolas. They required many hours of careful cleaning, lubrication and adjustment to get them working properly again - but afterwards they all worked great - just not something that can be rushed!

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