Media built-in ideas

jemcdonaldDecember 26, 2012

Hello - looking for some ideas on getting a custom / semi-custom media built-in between the two windows; cost, features, etc. Room is about 16x27. Need to incorporate a 55 inch tv, & hidden components (receiver, 5.1 surround, cable, gaming). Thanks!

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Is your house on a slab?

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no, full basement. ranch style.

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You can have one "Custom Built" as I did, for our family room.

We wanted both a big screen TV, plus a gas fireplace.
We also wanted room for the audio and video components,
storage for CD's and DVD's. We also did not want speakers
showing, so they are built in too, with a sub woofer below the TV, there's also a computer in there too.

I designed it, and I had the same guy that built and install our kitchen cabinets build the entertainment center.

At least in California there are many cabinet makers available for hire. It cost me $4500.00 in 2006.
That price does not include the fireplace with the back lighted onyx surround.

Just figure out what size you need, and style, finish, etc, and then have it built for you.

Good Luck with it.


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Thanks. Im going to mention it to our kitchen cabinet maker.

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i'd say if you have a modern style look at the ikea BESTA line, they have some really cool looking solutions if you like that style. There are also plenty of wooden wall units of nice quality at many stores that give a built in look. I guess your budget will determine what kind of solution works best :)

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Go for a projector and screen instead of a 55" TV. You can put all your equipment on the other side and leave the viewing experience to just your LCRS (left, center, right, sub) speakers and the screen. You can even paint the wall for the screen with nice black border or build your own screen. Beats any big screen tv.

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