Hook a Bose to my TV?

littlebug5December 29, 2009

WARNING: I'm a very low-tech person. Can someone answer my question in plain English, please?

I have a new Bose radio. I want to plug it in to my small kitchen TV, a Sony, so I can listen to Dish Network radio stations on the Bose. I have a cable the local Radio Shack guy sold me - called an audio Y-cable - but when I plug it in like he told me, it doesn't work.

I plugged the white and red ends into the front of the TV, and the other solo end into the audio outlet at the back of the Bose. I turned the Bose to "aux" with the remote, but nothing happens. The sound still comes out of the TV, and no sound comes out of the Bose.

Do I need to do something different because the TV is plugged into a box for Dish Network? If so, what?

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The overall plan doesn't sound bad but it presumes the connectors on the front of the TV are outputs. I haven't seen every TV but the ones on the front are usually inputs. Check around back and see if anything is labeled out.

I don't know what you Dish receiver looks like but some have separate audio outputs. Connect that to your Bose and set for aux.

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I agree with Mike that the jacks on the front of a TV are (in my experience) generally aux inputs - not outputs. As he said, see if anything is labled "out" or "output".

In addition, littlebug says she/he is plugging the "solo end into the audio outlet" on the Bose. Sounds like you need to find an input (not output) to plug into on the Bose.

Littlebug: The concept is that you're trying to take the signal "out" of the TV and "in" to the Bose radio.

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The input jacks on the bose are the two at the top (at the back of the Bose) Like others have said, look for jacks on BACK of TV that say audio out or Out.
Strangely enough some TV's. like the 26 inch Sharp LCD TV
that I use as a "monitor" for this computer, does not have an external audio out, except for a digital one, and that won't work with your Bose.
One hopes after the answers that were given here, that the Op posts the results of connecting the 2 together!!!


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