Scab and Inflammed Spots on Legs

jbkiddApril 11, 2006

I do work for a senior who is around 79, in the past 3 weeks he has developed these sores on his legs. They start out as a red spot and then spread out. The inside is a black scab and around that is a circle of red. He said the spots are sore. He went to the doctor who did not perscibe and antibiotics for the inflamation but referred him to a dermitoligist. The scab keeps getting bigger, they are not healing.

Has anyone ever experienced this before, is there a website I could look at.

Thanks for any information you can give me.

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Anything that disrupts the blood supply could cause a scab, and the list of things that could do that is VERY long. Nothing that could be diagnosed with a picture.

Has he not gone to the dermatologist yet?

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He does have an appointment with a dermatologist, but not until May 15th.

These sores seem to get bigger and bigger. They start out with a small roulnd scab and then it gets larger. There is a ring of red (inflamation) around the scab. The scab is blackish in colour.

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May 15 is a month away. Could someone call the dermatologist and express real concern to see if you could get in earlier, or at least be put on a list to be called in case of cancellations? Or could you call a couple times a week to check on cancellations? If he is not walking and there isn't good circulation, they could get considerably worse in a month.

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Could they be spider bites?

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May 15th is too long to wait. If he called and explained that these things are getting worse, I think they will work him in sooner on an emergency basis. If they won't, I think he should think about trying to find another doctor.

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I have told him to go to the emergency or to the community clinic. I think that is what he will do.

I have been looking on the internet for a similar condition, it looks like it could be diabetic leg ulcers.

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Is he a diabetic? Sounds like there is a circulation problem in his legs. I agree with the others that May 15 is WAY too long to wait for a problem that gets worse by the day. If I were you, I would urge him to do that until he does.


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