Cable or Satellite.

algaemasterDecember 7, 2007

I have Comcast digital cable right now with HD and am happy with all but the price. Is satellite an improvement? And what are the weather issues with satellite. I am in Houston so in the summer you are guaranteed a thunderstorm a week. What about signal?

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We dropped Comcast years ago, because of the poor quality signal on local stations and even what they got off the satellite. They came out twice and said the signal level met their specs. So that's when we went to Directv and have had few, if any, problems.
I don't know if Directv or Dish will be any cheaper than what you're paying for cable now. The link below will let you figure what it will cost you with Directv. New subscribers can usually get a pretty good deal. The receivers are leased and there's usually a 2 year commitment.
Being in Houston, you'll need a clear shot to the south at about 45 degrees above the horizon for both Directv and Dish. If the dish is properly aligned, and that's very important, you shouldn't have too much trouble with thunderstorms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Directv

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