What Screen Should I Buy?

tantadoodlesDecember 16, 2006

DH has a front projector (Infocus IN76) for home entertainment system that we've been building little by little. I would love to get him a viewing screen for the holidays (52" X 92" 106" diagonal). I don't want to spend so much (under $200, if possible) but when I research screens I'm reading that screens in this price range are good for classrooms and meetings. DH is interested in watching movies in hi definition.

Can anyone suggest a screen under $200 that would still be good for what we want or does this animal not exist?

Thanks for your input!

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The IN76 is a mid-lumen DLP projector.

A decent screen at your price point may be along the lines of a DaLite high contrast matte white. It has a gain of 1.1 which will give you a little bit of punch, and it's also designed (gray) to help deepen your blacks.

The price point makes it tough, but this screen sells for around $275 in a manual pull-down screen.

The Dalite high contrast cinema is similar, but without the underlayer of gray, it's also 1.1 gain if I recall. The price should be comparable. maybe $250-$300.

Depending on how handy you are, there are quite a few people that use blackout cloth, the same type that is sold in fabric store like JoAnn Fabrics, as a screen material.

The blackout cloth comes sized so you wouldn't have any seams in the screen.

Build a wood frame, wrap around then staple the blackout cloth to the frame. Add a black border, also with black material bought from JoAnn's.

Something to consider. Probably run you $50-$60 for the fabric and another $25 for the wood and fasterners?

For the dalite or the blackout cloth, much depends on how well the light can be controlled in the room. The better you can control the light (incoming from windows, also how much is reflected off the light colored walls of the room), the better performance you'll get from the projector and screen.

Good luck!


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After I posted I recalled this site that I linked to below: http://www.av-outlet.com/en-us/dept_459.html

You can order screen from them and frame it yourself. This would get you proper Dalite theater screen and you could stretch it around a DIY frame.

Just another option...


Here is a link that might be useful: Screen material

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Thanks Mongoct-

I ordered the Da-lite matte white high contrast that you first mentioned from B&H for $180 including shipping.

Thanks again for helping me make a choice and happy holidays to you!!


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