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bcarlson78248December 8, 2013

We have our ceilings opened up as part of a kitchen remodel and it provides access to the floor joist cavities in almost the entire 1st floor. While things are open I would like to pre-wire for recessed speakers in several rooms, but I don't have the budget to buy speakers right now.

I looked at speaker pre-wire enclosures/brackets and most of them are relatively expensive ($30-40). My other option is to install a standard box and wall plate where I plan to install speakers, and go back later to make the cutout big enough to fit the speakers I buy. However, my wife is not sure she likes the idea of a looking at a ceiling for several months with multiple blank wall plates.

Anyone have other suggestions on how to pre-wire so that the wiring will be accessible when I want to later install speakers?



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I built boxes out of plywood for speaker enclosures. I then ran the wire into the box, and left about 1' or so in there. The reason for the enclosure was not really to rough it in, but rather it was going in my attic space so I spray foamed around them and blew insulation on top. However if you build the box, install it in the ceiling and run your drywall over it, it will keep your wire in that location. The box will also help the sound of your in ceiling speakers. I would also recommend placing insulation around the box to help deaden sound transfer to the above spaces. Just write down the location of the box (X' from north wall, X' from east wall, for example) and cut out later when you are ready to install. no need for plates.

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