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cedar32December 29, 2009

For a new build I'd like to install ceiling speakers in our kitchen and in the living room. We are not ultra serious audiophiles but i'd like some fairly decent speakers for music listening.... I looked at Moderno 6.5" speakers, M6R model and some 6.5" Speaker Craft models. The Modernos were not hooked up so I couldn't listen to them, the Speaker Craft sounded pretty good. Can anyone suggest any other brands to look into, if you have any experience with either of the 2 I mentioned, how do you find them... any other suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.

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I just went through the same buying process. I'm installing two more pair of wall speakers tomorrow to dress out a Sonos network.

I listened to the MLCR's and the M6's from Sonance and both of the SpeakerCraft speakers. I went in biased towards the Modernos.

Both speakers had similar 92dB efficiency ratings and both were 8ohm, which is what I wanted. The Speakercraft had slightly better low end, the Modernos were a little brighter. If installing a subwoofer you can beef up the bass with that.

One advantage of the SpeakerCraft model was the adjustable tweeter. One room of mine has a tricky location and that seems like a selling point to me.

I did a fair amount of blind A/B and actually liked the SpeakerCraft better.

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