Integrated home networking

leavitoyota88December 3, 2007

I have a lot on my mind. I'm trying to find out what wires i need for certain things. I'm building the house and beginning the ruff in and am not on the biggest time crunch. I'm doing a structured wiring system so i can integrate my phone, t.v. and data networking easily. but my problems are:

1. I want to connect my computer to my theater room and to my intercom system. so i can enjoy music in every room in the house or just on my computer. or just in the theater room. What kind of wiring do i need to and from each of these items to make it possible???

2. what kind of wiring do intercom systems use? I've heard of flat wire is this the only choice? or is cat5e possible?? and if possible is it a better choice? What is the best intercom system to put into a house for what it has to offer? I don't really know a whole bunch about the entire intercom side of stuff.

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The best choice? conduit! You'll find that over the life of the house the cables you will need will change. If you have conduit to strategic points in the house, this all becomes much easier. Cable TV used to use RG-59. Now its all RG-6. Ethernet used to be all coax. Now it is Cat-5 or Cat-6. Who knows what it will be in a few years.

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