Floortech: Help w/Karastan SmartStrand version quality

tyjyJuly 27, 2012

Floortech: you wrote the following reply to someone about a year ago (June 2011) and I'm hoping you can clarify it for me in my situation:

Here's your statement:

Karastan does not have 1st quality promo items and he knows that. If it is not striped back, it is not Karastan. Karastan is not what it once was at all since Mohawk got their hands on it.They actually have polyesters in the line. Their are many many many many better choices for your money than Karastan. Sorry to rain on the parade.

My question is regarding the Karastan version of SmartStrand. It says w/Dupont Sorona on the back and is called Nature's Bounty. I called for the specs and they said it's: 45 oz face weight, 5.50 per inch twist and has a density of 1968 per cu. yd. Please tell me this is actual SmartStrand and isn't a "polyester"!! Do you think this is a good quality carpet? (I'll have to go back to the store to see if the sample has the "stripes" on the back if that's what's important. Please advise)

Thanks for your opinion (and/or others who can help!)

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Also: what is a "non branded Smartstrand"?

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It will be a smartstrand ..not a polyester. The only thing I want to state is that lowes will carry an extremely similar smartstrand at gigantic savings. Not that I recommend Lowes ever. when we carried karastan, i always felt it was way way overpriced and Mohawk will have basically identical products in their Horizon Lineup at about 60% of the cost wholesale. At one time Karastan was in a league of their own. That was a decade ago at least. Smartstrand is a great product but their are many less ways to buy it at a much great value then with a karastan Label. good Luck

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Whew! I've been trying to figure this out for months and was worried I didn't understand something afterall.

I actually found the carpet I wanted at Lowes, a Smartstrand frieze, but there it was sold in two different qualities: a "Best" & "Better". I gave a local store a chance to get close to the Lowe's price and they quoted a Karastan Smartstrand (that to me looked the same) that equaled Lowe's "Best" specs but with a little higher density number (1.968 Karastan vs. 1.714 Lowes). The dealer also said the backing of the Karastan is better. (how would I know??)

My sense is telling me to get the Karastan cuz it's only $300+ more (for 1,600 sq. ft!) and I trust the installers better, would you agree?

Do I still need to look for the "stripes" on the backing of the Karastan? And what does that mean anyways?

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thanks for your information

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