speaker not working update- can't fix - help

stash-hdyDecember 9, 2009

The left side of the my outdoor speakers do not work when the speaker selector box is in a horizontal position. It works when I have the selector pulled out and down to check the connections but when I slide it back in place the speaker does not work. I changed out the wire to the left speaker yesterday and that did not resolve the issue. I also moved the speaker wires to an unused set of terminals and that did not resolve the issue. Acts the same. Installed new pin connectors and that did not resolve the issue. Talked to selector box tech support and they could not see a reason for the box failing.

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Check the left side with your new wire and speaker on the right side.

You want to ensure that the left new wire and speaker work.

If the left speaker works on the right side, then it could very well be the speaker box, then chase down the warranty; or take it in for exchange where you bought it.

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I switched the wires and the speakers are good. The right side of the speaker terminals on the selector box do not work in the horizontal position no matter what wires are connected. I have contacted the box vendor and they will send me a replacement.

Thanks, hopefully this will fix the issue.

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