Has anyone put an Allure-type floor over a ceramic tile floor?

marti8aJuly 9, 2011

My dh is adament about not taking up the ceramic floor. However, it's 8x8 white marble-looking tile and not only is it a dated look, I am sick to death of keeping it (especially the grout) clean. I was going to keep it and use grout colorant on the grout after we finish the kitchen facelift. But now I'm thinking granite or some other stone counter and if I really do that, the floor will really look terrible.

Soooo, there is Allure that looks like stone or ceramic tile, and some that looks like wood. The guy at Home Depot said you don't have to put a leveler on the grout lines, and I read on the website that that is true if they are less than 1/8" deep, which mine are. But I still wonder if, over time, they won't sink into those lines. I could skim more grout on top of the grout lines so it is level with the top surface of the tile, and then at least the tile isn't ruined if at some point we take off the Allure.

But I'd like to hear from someone who has done it. Anyone?

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