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bus_driverDecember 17, 2009

This is a bit beyond home entertainment, but an area non-profit theatre shows many of the classic movies on the BIG screen. Many of these are shown from DVD and look so bright and fresh. But sometimes the aspect ratio is not correct. They will show films that are 1.66:1 or 1.85:1 at 1.33:1. The people look far too tall and far too thin. Buildings and vehicles are distorted. My efforts to communicate with them have failed. The projector they use must be a really powerful pro model. Do the pro DVD players and projectors offer a variety of aspect ratios in their menu? Looks as if they would.

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The Panasonic projector I have can throw out several different aspect ratios.

The only problem with that is that by not using all the projector's pixels to show the image (the letterbox black bars above and below the projector could be considered wasted lumens or wasted brightness), the picture might not be as bright as it could be.

To get around that some folk add an anamorphic lense in front of their projector. That was you intentionally have the projector set as "distorted" (non-letterboxed) with image being stretched tall and thin. But you're using every lumen that the projector can throw.

The tall thin image passes through the anamorphic lens and gets "stretched" wider, which results in a normal aspect image.

My Oppo DVD player can't alter the aspect ratio, but I wouldn't be surprised if some can.

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