power recliners for movie theater

badinDecember 23, 2007

We're buying a new house due to a recent medical crisis, and have to consider all of our physical limitations when choosing furniture. An early Christmas gift from a relative will pay for some or all of the seating for a media room, which must have the power recline option.

I looked at LZB, and got a quote for 4 of their power recliners (2 end chairs, loveseat config. & 2 small wedge tables.) Online, I saw some Paliser power recliners in similar configurations from a co. called furnitureblue. Their total was about 3/4 of the local store's, and included delivery and a 5 yr. extended warranty. They also claim to deliver in 4 - 6 weeks, vs. 10 wks. for our local LZB store. I'm hesitant to make such a purchase online, but would appreciate the savings in both cost and time.

Has anyone here bought from furnitureblue, or from any other online dealer of Paliser, Berkline, or other similar leather & leather match home theater recliners? As much as I'd love to test for comfort before buying, it was very tough to just make that one brief stop at LZB, as we've yet to find nurses available for the times dh & Ineed to be away from home. Thanks for your advice.

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It really is a risk to buy a recliner without having tried it, especially if you have special needs. I would contact the merchant and ask what their return policy is. If they accept returns, it might be worth trying, even if you have to pay for return shipping. By the way, you should not have to pay anything, or very little, for shipping to you. And make sure it's "white glove" delivery, which means they unwrap and place the items where you want them. Otherwise you might get stuck with the items delivered only in front of your house, and have to arrange separately for their placement where you want them.

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We have purchased 2 love seats from Berkline, with the electric power and the Buttkickers.

We started out wanting leather,but with the air conditioning, the leather can be cold during the summer months; so we decided to get microsuade instead.
The very best you can do is try the seats first, very important to do this. I found that some of the companies that you have mentioned are inferior seats (imo) to the Berkline.

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In case anyone else is looking for HT seating, we ended up buying power leather recliners from Haverty's. Initially, I ordered a four seat/two wedge table configuration (two armless chairs form a loveseat in the middle)for the upper tier. Later, I added a 3 seat/2 wedge unit for the lower tier. They are extremely comfortable and everyone has loved them. Usually I do not buy furniture warranties, but I made an exception in this case because of the power feature. Even with that added expense, the total cost was less than LZB and delivery was much quicker. A visitor liked them so well that he bought the same seats for his HT.

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