Genital herpes

Seamer1April 28, 2005

Well, what a way to find out your teenage daughter is having sex. I just found out my 15 year old has Genital Herpes. I along with her are devistated beyond belief. This was her first exp. with sex, and for this to happen just crushes me.

Her boyfriend was unaware that he had the virus. He can't remember ever having an outbreak, so it was a shock to him finding out as well. He knows she had to get it from him, because she was a virgin before him.

Her outbreak is severe and she is in great pain. any words of wisdom? she is faced with a lifetime of shame and pain. Their intention is to get married someday, but they are both young, and anything can happen. One parents silent torture for sure. It has broken my heart

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Oh, that's terrible. What a difficult thing for your young daughter.

What is your doctor saying? I know that genital herpes can be controlled much better now than in years gone by, though not cured. There are antiviral medicines to take during an outbreak, plus suppressive therapy to make transmission to her partner less likely.

I don't think she needs to be ashamed her whole life. After all, it's not something that would come up in general conversation, and she should be having a conversation about sexual background and illnesses with anyone she considers sleeping with, anyway. She will need to refrain from sex during outbreaks, when the disease can be transmitted.

One thing she should be aware of is that having genital herpes increases her risk of getting HIV during a sexual encounter, as the virus could enter her body through a lesion in her skin. Abstaining from sex during her outbreaks protects her as well as her partner.

Best of luck in dealing with this. I'm sure it's quite a shock for both of you.

Here is a link that might be useful: NIH fact sheet on genital herpes

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thank you for posting the link. I found it to be very informative.
We are handling this as good as can be expected. Boyfriend would still like to think she got it off a toilet seat....I really don't blame him for wishing that is how she got it. I am just glad he still wants anything to do with her. ( although he is responsible, I worried he would leave her) He asked her if she would still marry him, so I think all is well for now. I pray anyway.

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Your fifteen year old daughter has no business deciding now on who she is going to marry. It is to be hoped that she will do a considerable amount of growing and maturing before she makes that decision!
Linda C

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"Boyfriend would still like to think she got it off a toilet seat."

Boyfriend NEEDS to wake up and do the right thing, go to a doctor who specializes in STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) AND he has to notify every OTHER girl he's had sexual contact with (whether it was complete sex or just physical contact without penetration, or oral sex) so she can get treated and counseled.

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this boy knows who he has been with. Your daughter is lucky that it was only herpes. There are other STDs that are just a hard to live with. Remind her that maybe this guy is not to be trusted. If he were, he would admit that he knows where he picked it up.

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You know what they say: when you have sex with one person, you're basically having it with everyone they've had it with. Yikes.

I think at 15, she is too young to be making these decisions. Based on her boyfriend's behavior, I would he HOPING would leave, before she gets something much, much worse. Steer clear of this guy! He could screw up the rest of her life at this rate.

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One more thing.. from what I have read & seen on TV advertisements U can still spread it even though U don't have an active breakout. I don't know how to protect your partner but is something all of U need to look into finding out.. Good luck

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I doubt if boyfriend is really so ignorant of his problem. With that said, I certainly hope that she doesn't marry him. After all, he (probably) knowingly infected her with genital herpes, plus...she's only FIFTEEN years old! Herpes can be controlled with anti-viral drugs. Your daughter will need to be honest with her partners in the future (unlike boyfriend) but she will be able to lead a normal life. She may have to have a Caesarean in the event of child-birth if she has an out-break at the time of delivery. This is really not the end of the world. Good luck.

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I neglected to say...yes, what a terrible way for you to find out that your daughter is sexually active. I cannot imagine how awful you are feeling right now. Please take care.

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if you want to turn a non-lethal STD into a lifetime of pain and shame...

no wonder your kid didn't level with you. or choose to have her coming out party with a guy that lacking in either basic common sense, ethics... or responsibility (he must have gotten it from SOMEWHERE...and still managed to convince himself that he's marriage material?)

and yes, it hurts- us way more than the guys. but the wages of stupidity are pain. and you are both better served by accepting that, and learning how to deal with the virus.

it's nearly as controllable as diabetes now why don't you take off the rather silly hair shirt, pop by your community Planned Parenthood, and learn how to help your daughter HEAL?

and yes, I'm a b!tch. I'm also the voice of experience...and while it wasn't easy for my parents to know even as much of the truth as I told them (in telling them a tenth of what I was up to, I told them more than ALL of my friends together ever told their parents- but my folks are worth ten normal people)

the candor did remind me that while I was playing 'sacred calling' I was also admitting to things like a sacred DUTY, and a responsibility to 'do it right'...and I don't know many parents with the nerve to grill their kids on the subject of sexual ethics... most of them can't say 'blow' in front of their kids.

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Well, an update on this subject is in order.
We have found out that the boy does not have Genital herpes, and did not spread it from intercourse. He had a fever blister, and had no idea he could spread it to her by oral sex.
How he did not know it is beyond me, but he didn't. He really is a loving boyfriend and very good to her, and she does love him alot. It is a source of great turmoil for me. I do worry about her should the relationship break off. Knowing she will have to tell anyone else, forever.
She is on Valtrex dailey to restrict outbreaks, and hasn't had another one. Thank God, the first was horrible.
I think it is important to inform the youth that herpes can be spread in this way.

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Almost nobody knows you can get herpes on your genitals from a "fever blister". Calling it a "fever blister" or a "cold sore" is the main problem.

There are several types of herpes. HSV1 (oral herpes) and HSV2 (genital herpes) are the two of concern here. A person with HSV1 can give his partner HSV1 on the genitals. So it appears your daughter doesn't have Genital Herpes, (HSV2), she has Oral Herpes (HSV1) on her genitals.

Sounds like I'm splitting hairs, but there is a clinical distinction.

Another thing that everyone needs to know is that many, many people have HSV2 and don't even know it. You can carry the virus but have no outward symptoms, yet still spread it.

Also, whether you have HSV1 or HSV2, you can still spread the virus even if you have no obvious outbreak. That's known as asymptomatic shedding.

The good news, if it can be considered as such, is that the statistics show that the percentage of the population infected with HSV1 and/or HSV2 is large. So the chances of going your whole life never meeting someone with it are low. And the other statistic is that young people are the largest growing portion of the population with new infections.

So telling future partners isn't quite so bad. They either have it or know someone who does and hopefully have a bit of reasonable knowledge about it.

Sorry, kind of rambling, but linked below is an outstanding site with an excellent bulletin board.

Here is a link that might be useful: HHP

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yeh according to The herpes virus could stay dormant for years although unlikely. So he might not have known he had it but my bet would be he did. I agree with staying away from this boy and your daughter moving on before something dare i say worse happens to her.
I am very sorry to here this about your family.

Here is a link that might be useful: Herpes Information Link

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Olive leif alcohol tincture is the how to get rid of herpes. And any other virus or germ for that matter. Modern medicine has not got a clue when it comes to chronic disease. Take the tincture three to four times a day tablespoon full. It will kill the virus when it dies you may feel a little ill as your lymph system moves the virus out of your body. I have been in the natural healing business for eighteen years I have seen many patients get rid of this disease.

Good Luck

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When my GYN was examining me yesterday, she noticed a lesion on my vagina. She took a culture to test for herpes. That was totally out of left field. My husband and I have not had sex since the summertime, and we are both faithful to each other. We use condoms. My hands and feet break out in blisters from my eczema; is it related?

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Are they related? Yes and no. People who have both are in danger of getting herpes herpeticum which means that the blisters are numerous and cover a large part of the body including the entire face and neck. It is a hideous disease. I have not had this happen to me, but I know that I can. I think it is important if you have an active case of both to take great pains not to touch one area and then the other.

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Thankfully the lesion was no bigger than the head of a pin and already subsided. I really doubt it's herpes, but won't know until the culture comes back. Don't know what else it could be.

The eczema gets worse in the hot weather, and in times of stress. It feels like the skin just peels right off.

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The culture tested positive for HSV1 (oral herpes), which I expected.

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What nobody is saying is the fact that your daughter is at risk for cervical cancer if she keeps on being sexually active at such a young age. You need to have a talk with her.

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does Diflucan work for herpes. i'm looking for medication for herpes. i only hear acyclovir and valtrex. and what about hsv-zero? have you heard it?

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Genital herpes caused by Herpes Virus 2 (HSV 2) is caused through sexual contact (both genital and oral) or exposure of genitals to a partner with active Herpes. You can pass genital herpes to others without knowing it.

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I have only had three outbreaks (OB) of genital herpes in the last two years. I have taken Zovirax on the previous two occasions and the sore was gone in days. However, the most recent OB started in at the beginning of May 2014 and I didn't take Zovirax because I wanted to try some of the home remedies on the sore (only one) such as Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Tea bags, Cider Apple Vinegar, acetone, Aloe and many more. I felt none of them really helped. After 3 weeks the sore disappeared, however, I still have an uncomfortable stinging feeling in the head of my penis. Does anyone know what it may be? Have I damaged the head of my penis with some of the home remedies I tried? Would a course of antibiotics clear it?

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