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2ajsmamaDecember 19, 2009

I posted under another thread someone started about mounting a plasma on the wall, but have seen no replies so starting new thread. Hope nobody minds.

We just got our family gift, 42" Panny plasma.The mount is still in transit (1 state away), should have it Monday. DH and I took the TV out of the box and hooked it up today just to check it out, since both the top corners had the styrofoam all busted up in pieces. TV works great (bad pic with flash and contrast set low for first 100 hours). Our old stand isn't wide enough, but it sits only 1/2" below the window stool. Pedestal adds a couple inches, but TV still looks low to me esp. considering I ordered a tilt mount. If we're going to set it this low (bottom of screen 27-31" above floor) then we might as well just buy a new stand and use the pedestal instead of wall mounting. Though wall mounting might be more secure with 6-yo in house.

I'm really looking to get it up and against the wall, as far out of DD's reach as possible. This pic was taken sitting on the couch. How much higher do you think I can go? I was thinking top of TV level with where bottom of blinds are now (middle of upper sash)? That's another 11 inches, bottom of TV would be about 50" from floor, screen a little bit higher, so bottom 1/3 of screen would be about 58" from floor - back to where I was originally thinking, "eyelevel" when standing, not sitting?

Another question when we get the mount - can't see hole pattern (only 2 holes with plugs, plus the ones for pedestal) for bracket on back of TV. Anybody else ever mount a 42" Viera TC-42X1 using a Monoprice (no name?) mount?

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i would mount it so that is is centered between teh windows and center line of teh tv even with center line of the windows. my 47" is mounted about 48" off the floor an di honestly am thinking of moving the mounts so that it is up another 4-6".

as to the mounts, check you manual for the TV, it will tell you what style mounts it takes. there are few different patterns.

lastly, and this may just be the picture, but is there still teh plastic over the screen? i see the plastic on teh sides and it looks like it is still over the glass as well.

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The ideal height for a TV is to place the center of the screen roughly at the eye level of the viewers. If you have a large difference between the heights of the viewers (very tall husband, very short wife) there might be some compromise involved.

I don't think moving it up the wall is a good move unless you watch TV standing.

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Thanks - I'd given up on getting responses, this board is slow! I find I like to tip my head back slightly (I wear glasses so maybe that's where my focal point is) when I watch, so this TV sitting on 26" high stand is a little low. Great for lying on the couch (but I fall asleep so am not watching anyway) but not for sitting. The pedestal base is about 3" so bottom of TV, not screen, is just over 29", top of TV not screen is 55.5", so middle of screen is about 43" and I'm thinking I'd like it about 5-6" higher since it seems I am always looking at the top 3rd of the screen and not the middle to bottom 3rd. I have a slightly taller table/desk (29") in the basement we will move up and try before mounting the TV on the wall - the DVD player can live on a box under the table for a week.

Yes, there is plastic on the sides (was keeping it there until we got the TV mounted), but not on the screen.

Thanks for comments.

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