Visiting someone in isolation room at hospital

downsouthApril 29, 2004

My brother is in the hospital in isolation in Florida. He is an alcoholic and has Hepatitis C. I spoke to the head nurse in CCU and he said they have a filter clearing the air, and as long as I wear a mask and gloves, that I "should" be okay but he wouldn't say there's "no risk" involved.

My brother is an alcoholic and was told he has Wilson's disease as well as Tylenol poisoning and my sister told me he also has meningitis bacteria. This scares the h** out of me because while I do want to go see him, I am scared of catching something and bringing it back to my entire family.

There is no family to go see him in Florida, everyone lives in Ohio and Indiana. I am the closest one so was "elected" to go check on him. I will be driving 6 hours to see him for 10 minutes at a time, 3 times a day, and have to leave on Sunday.

The CCU nurse didn't say he was quarantined, he said isolation. Any advice from anyone, maybe someone on here that is in the medical field, to make me feel more at ease about going into an isolation room?

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One reason for placing a patient in isolation is to protect him from anything brought in from the outside by a visitor. For anyone in his fragile condition, a cold, or sore throat could be a disaster.

In this case, the isolation is as much for him as it is for you. Remember, the nursing staff and doctors spend much more time with him than you will. They would not risk valuable personnel if there was any great danger. They would restrict him to NO visitors if he were highly contagious. The precautions would be much more than just mask and gloves.

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I just got back from visiting my brother and I had to wear a mask and gloves. There was a sign outside his door that said "air born viruses present." I got the number of his doctor and called him before I went. He reassured me that it would be okay.

Thanks for your reply, PeaBee.

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