Anyone heard of this allergy 'cure'?

JoyceHollisApril 23, 2012

I'm in Canada and the snows all melting...that means it's allergy season for me. I've always had trouble with allergies around this time.

Three days ago I was at my local gym and experienced a crazy reaction. I got really red and itchy and broke out in hives. This is the first time its ever happened at the gym and I go pretty regularly. My doc said it could have been a new person, or it could have been allergies just being crazy.

It's so frustrating to have to worry about my allergies all the time. I usually take reactine when my allergies are bothering me (not for big reactions) and find it helps if I catch it early enough. But I really don't enjoy taking drugs.

I searched online and found this 'miracle diet' that will help me with my allergies. Kind of like a detox thing I think. I wasn't really sure about it, but I found some really positive reviews online. Sometimes you just have to say 'what the h#ll' and go for I decided to give it a try.

I'm only a day and a half into it so far, and I'm actually feeling pretty darn good. It's much easier than I expected. My allergies have been calm so far, but they might have been calm anyways without the diet. Impossible to tell.

Anyways, I just wanted to vent a little and share my thoughts with you guys. But I'd like to get your opinion too. I'll share the link with you below. Have you heard of this diet? I don't want it to be one of those 'fad diets' that's more hype than results.

Anyone had experience with it or willing to give it a try with me?

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Woops *blush*

Don't you hate it when you send emails and forget the attachment? Well, I forgot to put this in the original post.

Here's the diet that I'm talking about:

Here is a link that might be useful: The diet I talked about

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this seems to be some sort of a scam posting. Once you get to the site, it's hard to get off.

The product seems to be one of those that does everything, including controling weight, constipation and sleepless nights.

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Oh my goodness, it happened to you too?

I'm sorry agnespuffin, I thought it was just my browser thingy that was doing that to me. I asked my sister and she said it didn't happen to her, so I was confused.

I'm kind of embarrassed, I'm new here. Is there a way I can edit my post?

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I am all for diet changes to "cure" medical conditions. I have a very strict diet to control my arthritis which also took care of other autoimmune conditions. My chronic runny nose also cleared up. I'm not going to click on the link after hearing your experiences though.
Check on Amazon for allergy books and check out the reviews on others experiences. Here is a link for one of them.
Also google elimination diets. I would recommend it for anyone to try out. So great to have had that experience.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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