Can I network a Wii?

montalvoDecember 5, 2008

It seems that everyone's getting a Wii for Christmas this year (except maybe autoworkers and those who already have one). I'd like to find out if one can work on my home automation system. I have a Crestron system with distributed audio/video and I assume that any Wii I purchase would have to either have RS232 networking capability built in or I'd have to buy some type of box to provide the interface.

Can anyone enlighten me as to whether integrating a Wii into my system is possible?


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Wii has WiFi built in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wii Online Requirements

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You'll find the Sony PS3 far more capable and it surpasses most home theater equipment with it's ability to surf the web, play your music, videos, slideshow your pix and make prints from them with a compatible printer, play BluRay and download and play PPV HD movies..

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Our Wii is connected and my sons play Call of Duty with all their friends and other folks live. Also Super Mario Kart. Also they can email each other and look at News/Sports/Weather. It's very cool!

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Our Wii uses our wireless connection, my daughter visits other people's villages in Animal Crossing and plays Mario Kart with other people. Other than that, I haven't found too much use for the internet connection. The channels available are pretty worthless. I do love the Wii though...I just don't think it utilizes the online capabilities very well...yet.

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