oral diseases? (help please)

jinkazamaApril 5, 2010

Hi. I'm 18 years old. In my life I am not proud to say I have exhibited very poor oral health, but I'm here for help. Right now I'm brushing more frequently etc. and Instead of normal toothpaste I use OraMD (I THINK it has been helping with the bleeding). (you can google it and look up reviews on ****** etc.) Now I'm not expecting an overnight miracle but I've been using it for about 2 weeks now. Now here's actual details of my situation. My gums bleed profusely whenever I brush my teeth and I have a big bump (or pimple) on my gum. Its dead center on the gums above my top row of teeth and its usually a dark red color like a bruise. I think its filled with liquid and I have popped it before and then rinsed my moth with peroxide but it never fully left. Yesterday I looked at it and it had yellow pus or mucus over it. (picture at bottom of post)I brushed my teeth and gums and then rinsed my mouth with a good amount of OraMD. Also right now I have a small random cut or abrasion in my mouth on my top gums and it seems to be a little yellow aswell. I don't understand it but, I get random cuts on my gums sometimes that sting and I have NO idea where they come from. Advice anyone? I was thinking about starting to brush with normal toothpaste and OraMD and also starting to use Listerine. Please give me any advice, incite or material you feel would help. I appreciate you reading all of this VERY much.

GUM Pictures (You can go to the right to see the other 2 pictures, they are in the same album)


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I think you'd better head for the dentist. I think you have more than a problem with bleeding gums. you may have an abcess or a gum disease. Leave it without professional help and you could be opening a can of worms and lose all your teeth. This is serious--SEE A DENTIST--NOW

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I would suggest getting to a dentist too. I have dry mouth from my allergies and I get sores easily too but they generally go away quickly. Get a good cleaning and learn to brush correctly and floss (I'm not a faithful flosser but much better than I was as a younger person). You should always use a soft toothbrush and till your gums are in good shape avoid any toothpastes with additives like for whitening. I was told to use the basic Crest or Colgate. I found the electric toothbrushes to do a great job.

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Good for you for trying to take better care of your teeth. This is a good start.

However, you must go to a dentist as soon as possible. Scientists are finding that dental health is directly linked with your general health, so it is extremely important that you get care for your teeth.

Once you have your dental care under control, you must go every 6 months for cleaning.

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I just came back from the doctor because of my mouth. I had some dental work done a month ago and had some places appear in my mouth the next week. The first thought was a reaction to what the new crown was made of but it was the same material as my other crowns. Then I thought it was a food allergy cause I had been eating strawberries and cantaloupe both are highly acidic. Anyway it would appear to be getting better with the mouth rinse the doctor prescribed but never went away. This week my tongue has been very sore and red on the sides. The doctor said it was STomatitis, which is an inflamation of the muscous lining of the mouth. She said some people are more prone to get it and it often shows up after dental work. She has given me another rinse with an antibotic in it.

She said though that if I had WHITe spots on the areas that it would be Apthous ulcers and that that would be treated differently. From what the OP described that might be what you have. I strongly suggest you see the doctor as she said that it could become very painful. I know how mine hurts and its not that. I am not trying to diagonse your problem but found it coincidental that she mentioned it. Hope your problem is better by now.

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What you're describing sounds very much like canker sores to me. Regardless, you're in serious danger of losing all your teeth if you don't get it treated. Go to the dentist. If you're short on funds they will work out a payment plan for you.

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When I have the twice yearly cleaning at the dentist I sometimes have some gum bleeding though hadn't noticed it at home when I brush twice a day.. I up my intake of Vit. C & that seems to help a lot at the next appt.

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In addition to brushing a person needs to floss at least every 24 hours.
And use the proper technique to brush.
Please see a dentist ASAP, start flossing.
Before I had a dentist who taught me HOW to brush and to floss at least every 24 hours, I had bleeding gums.

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