low progesterone?

mzach368April 24, 2006

I went to my yearly gyn exam and told my doc about clotting during periods and cramps and he said that it is a sign of low progesterone. I thought it was my endometriosis coming back after birthing my son last year but he said no - not sure how he can figure that out without a lap. test though. My question is, shouldn't I be on supplements for it if I will be trying to get pregnant again maybe and I have acne now and I'm irritable, etc. Do I go to my family doc. to get tested for my hormones or go back to the gyn. and insist on further testing? I'm confused!

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I think ( but I am not sure) that the progesterone levels go up and down during the month just like the estrogen levels do. So maybe he was just guessing at the most likely thing. I certainly would ask about it.

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