How high is too high for a 46' TV

kellykidsDecember 23, 2008

I just bought a 26" Sony Bravia and found a gorgeous furniture piece to put it on. It is 45" high. My room is about 21X15 and I have 8 foot ceilings. Do you think 45" is too tall to put the TV on?

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In our house, we have our TVs at eye level when seated.
That works best for us!

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I think 45 inches high is fine. Much higher and you may want to consider tilting it down a bit but I don't think that is necessary at 45 inches. I think my 46 inch Samsung is about 45 inches high and when in my recliner fully reclined, I only have to look slightly upward...not uncomfortable at all but rather plesant.

Is your Sony 26 or 46 inches? How far away do you sit? By todays standards, I think 46 inches is good to about 10-12 feet and 26 inches is good for your lap! (if you listen to them LOL!)

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