Are there any PS3 experts in here?

charliedawgDecember 10, 2008

Good morning everyone.

My son has a PS3. He wants a computer for Christmas. Can a keyboard be hooked up to the PS3 and be used as a computer.

He says that he can get online with his PS3 but it's hard to navigate because he uses a ps3 controller.

I talked to a guy at Best Buy but he didn't really seem to know what he was talking about.

Any pros cons and info would be greatly appreciated.


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My son has one to and he tells me it can be hooked up to a sony keyboard
or a sony approved keyboard . It also depends on your internet connection -
he said to go to a EB games store and get more info from the sales people .

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I have a PS3 and you can use WiFi or hook it up using an ethernet cable to gain access to the internet.

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Thanks for the info!!

I talked to the experts at a gaming store. They said that it can be used just like a computer with a keyboard. It actually is better than most home computers.

However there is a major con to it. People are downloading tons of virus' and ruining the game systems. He said people, usually kids, aren't treating it like a regular computer that needs to be protected. So they are just leaving themselves open to being hacked, virus', worms and whatever else ruins a computer.

They urged against it so we aren't going to do it.

But thanks again for the info.

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What a crock.....The PS3 runs on Linux. Very difficult to make a virus affect it. It's not like a computer at all. It will 'surf the web' but doesn't really have the ability to 'run programs' like a real computer. The situation is more like Mac computers were in the beginning, a closed system that controls what runs on it. Yes, a usb keyboard and mouse will plug right in. It will surf the web, but because of it's difference from a computer, is mainly useful as a very simple browser rather than the fully interactive device a computer is. Excellent device that will communicate wirelessly with your computer, using it as media server if you have such software on your computer. Also plays BluRay, downloads and plays PPV HD movies, plays your music and videos, slideshows your pictures, connects to some compatable printers to make prints of what the slideshow is displaying. Oh, it also plays games....

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