help! how do i set up av equipment in a built-in?

ecdiskinDecember 24, 2010

I'm not a professional designer or expert on AV equipment and I fear I've created a big problem! I wanted the look of a built-in for my tv/av equipment and spent big bucks to have it made, and now I'm sitting here in a panic b/c I'm wondering how I deal with wiring the components! I realize that we can set pieces in place and get them all hooked up before we push furniture completely into place, but once the basetrim is on and it's truely become "built-in" how do I add or replace a component in the future? It's not big enough that I can actually "climb in" and manipulate cords on the back of components. Is it assumed that you basically have to de-construct the piece somewhat in order to get to the back where all the cords are when these issues arise, or do I just get extra long cords before doing initial set up so that I can pull out AUX unit, for example (the hub) from the front and manipulate wiring that way?! I'm feeling like a big idiot not to have worried about this before...but it's done, so what now?!!! ANy help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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Actually, your situation is much more common than you think. Hopefully though, whoever built it for you has some experience with constructing to allow for passage of cables between the equipment. If not, you will most likely need to invest in a hole saw kit, at minimum, to provide openings to pass the cables through.

Yes, you are correct, you will want to use cables longer than necessary, as opposed to if you had rear access. They should be longer though than just pulling the equipment forward. Ideally, you want to be able to pull the equipment forward, rotate it 90 degrees and slide it back on the shelf. That way the equipment can be supported by the shelf while connections are made. On my own built-in system, I put the shelves on metal ball bearing slides (the type used used in electronic equipment racks) so that they pull out several inches beyond the front.

Don't forget you'll need to mount some power strips (surge protected) in there as well and provide access to an outlet for them to plug in to. You'll also need an access opening for bringing other cabling into it such as coax, CAT5e, speaker wiring, etc. If it has doors that block equipment, an IR repeater will also need to be installed for the remotes to work.

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