In mid 60s - droplets of blood in bowl

carrie630April 20, 2012

(sorry to be so "graphic"..)

Now, I am worried since an acquaintance has just been diagnosed with uterine cancer after ignoring spotting (she is not menopausal, as I, of course, am)

Going for gyno exam - although just went in October and was fine.

Has anyone experienced "droplets" - it's not an UTI - as I quickly sent in a sample that day and was clear re: bladder

I am a worrier - not liking this.... Thanks

Carrie PS Also not hemorrhoids or related there....

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Hi! I think I'm in the same situation as you. Had bleeding for a week, also the urge to urninate constantly. Had a pap test last week and also ultra sound test done and blood work. My pap test came in the mail and it came back okay, went to my geni and she daid she wants a d& c in 2 weeks ,thinks possibly I have cancer there. I thought the bleeding was from having a bladder infection, the dr. said any bleeding is not normal. I'm trying not to worry but I'm so worried, just about nuts. I'm 63 soon to be 64.. I just lost my my husband to cancer and hope it is not going to happen to me.

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I am also scared. alanna - let me know what is going on - I don't go to gyno until next week - can't get sooner appt. but I am sure he will recommend D&C also. I have back pain (another symptom) but then I garden a lot and so I never know where it comes from.

Did you bleed a lot? (Not that it matters, we shouldn't bleed at all at our age)


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not sure if I used the right phrase - I am POSTmenopause - not "menopausal" - (Obviously in my 60s) but just wanted to clear that up if I used the wrong word.

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Going to have a D& C on May 9th and then we'll see from there, I bleed everyday for a week, no cramps but enough to make me worry and to make the appointment to see the dr. I didn't tell my daughter only my girlfriend about the bleeding andd I started back doing my home parties and I didn't want to cancel after my friend the hostess worked so hard to have my first P.Chef party for me. Are u still bleeding ? I'm not and I hope I'm worrying for nothing. I do have hemmroids but I don't think that is this. Well got to hope for the best and I don't have hospitalization .Keep in touch. Alanna from Pa.

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Pls keep me informed and good luck... I hear you about the hospitalization...

Hmmm would be great if it were something else, that's for sure -

Please let us know and I will also let you know as I am facing an appointment next week.

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alanna - you okay?

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Some years ago when I was about 50 I had blood on tissue, not a lot but daily. I stopped drinking sodas & it stopped. Yrs later I thought the Pepsi smelled so good,at a party, so I poured about an inch in a glass & drank it. Same aching, cement bags around my waist feeling & blood on tissue. So I discovered once damaged it does not heal or whatever. So then I found out my Bro. had every test in the book & dr. could not find out what was wrong. I called him & asked him what was going on. He said blood in urine. I told him, cut out sodas, I mean all of them, no chocolate Hanson's, Coke, Pepsi, orange, 7-Up etc. It all has same effect- causes you to bleed. The acid is sodas is also what damages bones. So bro & I have been free from blood in urine for several yrs now. So if you get checked out & they can't find anything like bro's Dr. did, could be what you are drinking! We did an experiment in college taking rusty nails & putting them in Coke, cleaned them up really nice. You can imagine what it does to your guts! It is hard to give up tho but if you get scared enough you can do it. Plus that pain is not fun.

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I have had blood in my urine a couple of times this spring caused by digging in the garden and carrying bags of soil or heavy mulch. Needless to say I don't do heavy lifting or use a shovel anymore my research said most blood in urine is from straining, but it also said get it checked to be sure. I had a test and it was fine. The hard work also raises my BP into the stroke zone. So now I have a good excuse to be lazy. I hope all goes well for you ladies.

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Okay - well, here's my story:

Years ago, I did have blood in my urine (along with protein) - it was Membranous glomerulonephritis...It resolved itself - I am now in perfect health.

I had a pelvic ultrasound with the problem that started this thread. I am 100% fine but now I am waiting to hear how alanna did with her D&C

PS I have had maybe ONE soda in my life... I hate the bubbles, can't even drink champagne... I eat healthy so when I got the kidney problem it was out of nowhere. The doctor said it was idiopathic - no real reason why I spilled protein and blood - but now... NOT! :0)

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I don't think the doctors are right about healthy diet especially regarding seniors. I think it is more about genes than diet. When my Mom was in her 70's my sisters were nagging her to eat healthy, no sweets. I took Mom to the doctor and told him about the "nagging" and he looked at my Mom and said, "you can eat anything you want. You are no longer building strong bones or body, eat anything you want and enjoy." I really believe eating a well balanced meal no matter your age and everything in moderation is the best anyone of any age can do. Mom died at the age of 97 with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and numerous other problems which didn't hurt her in the long run. She was at the point where she wanted to die. My sisters took away all of her meds and she lived another 2 years.

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