goldyApril 18, 2008

Just thought I would past on to you it does work.after takeing it for just two days I have had good results.It taste good too.

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Yogurt has been known for ages to be good for the intestinal tract. Thanks to Activia, more people are trying it.

However, it's easy to forget that this adds a certain amount of extra calories each day. If you have a weight problem, be sure to make enough changes in your diet to make up for it.

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Thanks for the tip.

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Our local TV Station has a "does it work" segment and they had several people try Activia and didn't work for any of them. All meds should taste that good.

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I was over anxiousI wanted it to work.I saw results I thought for three days.Back to normal or should I say abnormal.Will have to try something else or just take time and eat better.

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Goldy, there is nothing I can eat without stomach problems. I simply have an acid stomach and have had since I was a child. If I ate an apple I had a tummy ache. It didn't get serious until I was around 50. Most antacids have aluminum in them and the PPIs are not suppose to be used for more than a few weeks. They make me itch and stop working on me after about 4 months anyway. Right now I am taking tums after my first meal and soda after the second, if I have a second one. when my stomach gets to the point it's sore, I use the over the counter PPIs for a month and start the routine all over again.

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We all have some kind of problem and it increase with our age.We just have to keep trying or learn to live with them.Someday if we live long enough there will be a "fix all" pill and I guess we will find something else to worry about.Hope you feel better today.

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