Hearing pulse in ears all the time

catherinetApril 2, 2008

Anyone else have this? It started a few years ago, just mildly, but now its loud. I'm also having some sinus pressure. Is it just my age (58)? Is it a sinus problem?

I've cut way back on my salt intake, and have been taking mucinex, drinking lots of water, and irrigating my nose (with homemade saline mix). But nothing helps.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

P.S. I had a big dizziness work-up last fall, but everything was normal, and it went away. My BP is normal.

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Do you tend to get a wax build up in your ears? A few years ago I had the same thing, and I went to the doctor in case my blood pressure was high. It wasn't, and she also listened to my heart, and carotid arteries, which sounded normal. Then she checked my ears and said my right ear was pretty waxy. That's the ear I could hear my pulse in, so she irrigated it, and a lump of wax came out. That solved the problem.

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I have the same symptoms......and I found this explanation.
My doc says I have a nasal polyp that is causing the problem with the eustachian tube.
Hope this info helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Patulous eustachian tube

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Oh darn Carol.......I was just at the ENTs office yesterday and was going to ask him about patulous eustachian tube and I forgot!
He had me have allergy testing, which was negative.
He said that as we age, some of us can transmit the pulse from our carotid arteries through thinning bone more.....so maybe that's it.
Thanks for your link.

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